Red Lines Follow-Up: Meeting with Iceland’s Ambassador to the EU

January 10, 2019

Eja chairman Rabbi Margolin met this morning with Iceland’s new ambassador to the EU, Benelux countries and San Marino, HIs Excellency Mr Gunnar Palsson. In a friendly get to know you discussion, His Excellency offered to report back to his government on our Jewish Red Lines, and expressed his support and desire for greater co-operation and ties between the Icelandic Government and the small but significant Icelandic Jewish Community. The EJA very much looks forward to continuing this dialogue and co-operation with His Excellency. 

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Bundestagsabgeordneter Müller-Rosentritt: „Kampf gegen Antisemitismus muss hellwach geführt werden“ – Politiker, Parlamentarier und Vertreter von jüdischen Organisationen aus ganz Europa trafen in diesen Tagen in Prag zusammen, um über den Kampf gegen den Antisemitismus zu diskutieren. An der Veranstaltung nimmt auch der Bundestagsabgeordnete Frank Müller-Rosentritt (FDP) teil. Zu Beginn der Konferenz sprach Martina Schneibergová mit dem Parlamentarier aus Chemnitz. | Radio Prague International

Herr Müller-Rosentritt, Sie sind zu einer internationalen Konferenz nach Prag gekommen, die kurz vor dem Internationalen Holocaust-Gedenktag stattfindet. Halten Sie einen Vortrag, oder nehmen Sie an der Diskussion teil?
„Die Veranstaltung dauert zwei Tage lang: heute (am Montag, Anm. d. Red.) in Prag mit einer Delegation von Politikern aus ganz Europa, sogar mit dem Vizepräsidenten des Europäischen Parlaments und mit einer Vertreterin der größten jüdischen Gemeinde in Paris. Ich bin als einziger deutscher Parlamentarier dabei. Am Dienstag fahren wir alle gemeinsam nach Theresienstadt, um nach einer ausführlichen Führung den Holocaust-Opfern zu gedenken.“


Antisemitic incidents in the UK reach new high, new data shows

By EuroNews (

The war in Gaza appears to have triggered an alarming spike in threats against Jews and Jewish institutions, regardless of their relationship to the state of Israel.

The number of antisemitic incidents in the UK has reached a new annual high, according to data gathered by a Jewish safety watchdog.

The annual report from the Community Security Trust, or CST, recorded 4,103 antisemitic incidents in the UK in 2023, the highest total ever reported to the group in a single year.

The report’s findings, released on Thursday, represent the highest number of antisemitic incidents reported in a year in the UK since consistent monitoring began.

According to its data, drawn from self-reported incidents, two-thirds of the 2023 incidents occurred after the October 7 Hamas attacks in southern Israel: 2,699, compared with 392 over the same period in 2022.

This included 416 incidents reported to the CST, which works to protect British Jews from antisemitism, in the week following the attacks – the largest number in any week last year.

The types of altercations recorded include assault (up 96% since 2022) damage and desecration of Jewish property (up 146%), threats (up 196%) and abusive behaviour (up 149%). Online antisemitism rose by 257%.

“Seismic effect”

CST stated that the “driving force” behind the  147% surge in anti-Jewish abuse last year was Hamas’s attack on Israel on the 7th of October.

“This trigger event had a seismic effect on antisemitic incident levels in the UK that outweighs the impact of previous wars involving Israel, and the impact was instant,” the report said.

“Thirty-one instances of anti-Jewish hate were reported on 7 October, the day of Hamas’ attack, whereas CST had recorded an average of five incidents per day between 1 January and 6 October.”

British Home Secretary James Cleverly condemned the rise in antisemitic abuse as “utterly deplorable”.

He said the government had taken steps to confront it, including increasing funding for protective security at Jewish schools and places of worship.

EJA meeting with World Chairman of Keren Hayesod, Mr. Sam Grundwerg

This morning the EJA had the pleasure to welcome a delegation led by the Mr. Sam Grundwerg, World Chairman of Keren Hayesod -UIA
We discussed in length about the different ideas and options for growth and divelopment of Jewish lives in Europe, about the chalenges Jews are facing and the rise of antisemitism.
We concluded with our shared hope of working together on all of these challenges in the upcoming year.


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