Alexander Driessen

Diplomatic Council member - Netherlands

“My name is Alexander Driessen. I’m 27, born in Amsterdam and have lived there almost my whole life. Im halachicly Jewish, a Zionist and activist in StandWithUs Nederland. My field is Leisure and event management, but i’m more prone to organising in informal education and massaging (still a leisure field). I went to Israel for my internship and finished it at the Israel education center of StandWithUs in Jerusalem. I love to meet people from all over.

My personal goal in this group is to support other activists who need it. We have a network that can help each other and we should do that to strengthen our own. Besides that I enjoy listening to interesting people to make myself more educated, more reliable and more supportive of my network.”

Additional Leadership
Georgios Papadakis
Georgios Papadakis
Managing Director
President The Belgian League Against AntiSemitism & the Jewish Coalition for Kurdistan
Alan Mekibel
Diplomatic Council member - Russia/Spain
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