Rabbi Eli Edelkopf

Director, European Jewish Development Fund

The European Jewish Development Fund (EJDF) – an integral part of the wider European Jewish Association – acts as the engine room to the various groups under the organisational umbrella, allocating resources to where the needs are greatest.

Ably led by Rabbi Eli Edelkopf for 16 Years, as Director he ensures the smooth running of our targeted activities across the organisational spectrum, whether that be activities promoting Jewish education, advocacy work on combatting antisemitism at national, diplomatic and European Institutional level, Events and initiatives promoting Jewish culture and practice, Rabbinical support and resource allocation at communities level, Press briefings and trips to counter anti-Israel narratives and promote Israel as an innovator and positive force for good in world affairs, the EJDF provides the fuel and power driving the EJA and its pro-Jewish and pro-Israel mission forward.

Rabbi Eli Edelkopf
Additional Leadership
Senior Media Adviser
Shlomo Dahan
Shlomo Dahan, ADV
Legal Affairs
EIPA Eastern Europe Media Adviser
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