Jewish community of Den Haag, The Netherlands

Jewish community of Den Haag, Netherlands

Our community was officially established in 5460 (1700) as an Ashkenazi Jewish community.
Currently we have a mix of  Ashkenazi and sephardic members. The community is very diverse in nationality’s  and age groups.

The community facilitates and promotes Jewish life and Jewish religious infrastructure of The Hague. The community is a member of the Nederlands-Israëlitisch Kerkgenootschap (NIK).

The community has these facilities and activities:

A full-time Rabbi.
Weekly services in two synagogues in Bezuidenhout and Scheveningen.

Three Jewish cemeteries.
Educational activities for teens.
Children lessons and activities.
Jewish cultural/community/party center CHAJ.
Gan for children.
Regular lectures in hebrew.
Full Shabbat and holiday services.
The most beautiful mikvah in the Netherlands.
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