Chair IPOR, The Netherlands

Mrs van Praagh is a long time member of the Jewish Community of Utrecht and is also the chair of the IPOR. 

Mrs Van Praagh is working closely with Chief Rabbi  Jacobs  to built and extend the community.

Ellen is  married to Gideon, a mother to two sons 2 and a happy grandmother to two 2 wonderful grandchildren.

She and her family run a family business in the heart of Utrecht for selling top of the line in the region of the well laid table. the business exists since 1926 as a family affair.

Mrs Van Praagh is an active in the organization as treasurer and chair and maintains contacts with the Trade unions.

Her goal in life is to keep Jewish life in Holland going and fight all wrongdoers. This to preserve Jewish Community for all the children and grandchildren in the Netherlands. 

Additional Leadership
Spokesman, Rabbinical Centre of Europe
Rabbi Menachem Margolin
Chairman and the founder of European Jewish Association
Alex Benjamin
Director of the EJA in Brussels.
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