EJA Chairman Hails Belgian PM’s Commitment to Jewish Communities and Antisemitism Efforts, Cautions Against Equating Hamas with IDF

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Statement from EJA Chairman – Belgian Prime Ministerial response to principal Jewish Associations in Belgium

The chairman of the European Jewish Association Rabbi Menachem welcomed the assurance from Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo that he has taken seriously the increase in antisemitic acts in Belgium and elsewhere and pledging enhanced security measures to protect the Jewish community in the country. The EJA Chairman also welcomed the announcement that the Prime Minister is supporting the appointment of an independent national co-ordinator for combatting antisemitism.

However, Rabbi Margolin points out that, in light of the waves of hatred and antisemitism, particularly on the streets of Brussels and on campus in Ghent, it is time for action that Jews can no longer be satisfied with statements alone.

The confusion in distinguishing between Hamas terrorists who kill old men, rape young women and decapitate babies, and the army that tries to fight them is not only problematic for Israel but is an encouraging harbinger for the extremists here on our own streets.

A leader who does not understand this ignores a very tangible danger towards Belgian society and its citizens. If at the beginning of the war in Gaza there were those who said that the West was next in line, now, in view of the inaction of leaders in Europe – one can state that terrorism is already here.

Rabbi Margolin finally called on the Prime Minister to come to his senses, address this threat and show the kind of leadership that is devoid of narrow political considerations.