Barcelona’s Jewish Community Commemorates Holocaust and Heroism Day 2024 with Solemn Central Act, Drawing Participation of 220 Individuals

May 8, 2024

On May 6th, the Jewish Community of Barcelona (CIB.CAT) solemnly observed the Central Act commemorating Holocaust and Heroism Day 2024, an event of profound significance that will be etched into the annals of our community’s history.

On this day dedicated to the remembrance of the victims and heroes of the Holocaust, we pay tribute to those who lost their lives, to the courageous who resisted, and to those who, amidst the deepest darkness and cruelty, demonstrated unwavering courage by providing aid.

It is noteworthy that this historic event saw the participation of 220 individuals, who came together to reflect and honor the memory of those who suffered and fought during one of humanity’s darkest periods.

The event featured a cast comprised of young members of the community, from the youth movement YAJAD of the CIB, students from Colegio Hatikva, the organization BBYO, and the youth movement TZOFIM, all under the leadership of coordinators and directors from the CIB and Colegio Hatikva.