European Jewish Association

Vanessa Roth

“I am currently studying European Studies in my third year in Maastricht. I come from a small Jewish community in Trier and although I am generally connected to my home city, I am still open to learning new things and try to get to know the world! In 2018/19 I successfully completed the Jewish Gap Year “JAcademy” of the Lauder Foundation. Currently, I am mainly active in the Jewish student union in Germany, among other things I also support the Social Media Task Force. I recently co-founded a youth forum of the German Israeli Society in Trier and am on the board.

Above all, I expect to continue to be Jewish and learn from others from the Diplomatic Corps. In particular, I expect to gain the skills to further strengthen Jewish life in Europe and working for tackling challenges European Jews currently face. The Diplomatic Corps will bring to me unforgettable experiences and meeting interesting people.”