European Jewish Association

Red Lines Campaign- Be a Part of It! Bring the Change to Your Political Party!

We would kindly suggest you to write something along this lines:


On November 6-7 2018 over 200 Jewish Leaders and community representatives from all over Europe met in Brussels at a pivotal time for European Jewry just months ahead of the European Elections.

The European Jewish Association and its partners gathered to discuss the alarming rise in anti-Semitism, the increasingly polarised political environment, and challenges posed in how to engage with both mainstream and non-mainstream parties of right and left on issues affecting Europe’s Jews.

It is a great shame that they are even needed, but 5 ‘Jewish red lines’ were ratified, that I, as a supporter of your party, I am urging you to sign up to them to show that you really do support Jews in Europe today.

The red lines are:

I would be most grateful if you would take these red lines forward within the party, and be part of making them official party policy going into the 2019 Election cycle.

I thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Here you would find the addresses of the main parties in Europe:

Country Name of party Website Official email
Austria Social Democratic Party of Austria
Austria Austrian People’s Party
Austria Freedom Party of Austria
Austria NEOS – The New Austria and Liberal Forum
Belgium New Flemish Alliance
Belgium Christian Democratic and Flemish
Belgium Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats
Belgium Socialist Party
Belgium Socialist Party Differently
Belgium Reformist Movement
Belgium Humanist Democratic Centre
Bulgaria GERB
Bulgaria Bulgarian Socialist Party
Bulgaria Movement for Rights and Freedoms
Bulgaria Ataka
Bulgaria IMRO – Bulgarian National Movement
Bulgaria National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria
Bulgaria Volya
Croatia Croatian Democratic Union
Croatia Social Democratic Party of Croatia
Croatia Bridge of Independent Lists
Croatia Croatian People’s Party – Liberal Democrats
Croatia Croatian Peasant Party
Republic of Cyprus Democratic Rally
Republic of Cyprus Progressive Party of Working People
Republic of Cyprus Democratic Party
Republic of Cyprus Movement for Social Democracy
Republic of Cyprus Solidarity Movement
Czech Republic Czech Social Democratic Party
Czech Republic ANO 2011
Czech Republic Czech Pirate Party
Czech Republic Freedom and Direct Democracy – Tomio Okamura
Czech Republic Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Czech Republic TOP 09
Czech Republic Civic Democratic Party
Czech Republic Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party
Denmark Venstre, Denmark’s Liberal Party
Denmark Social Democrats
Denmark Danish People’s Party
Denmark Red-Green Alliance
Denmark Liberal Alliance
Denmark The Alternative
Denmark Danish Social Liberal Party
Denmark Socialist People’s Party
Denmark Conservative People’s Party
Estonia Estonian Reform Party
Estonia Estonian Centre Party
Estonia Social Democratic Party
Estonia Pro Patria
Finland Centre Party
Finland Finns Party
Finland Blue Reform
Finland National Coalition Party
Finland Social Democratic Party of Finland
Finland Green League
France Socialist Party
France The Republicans
France En Marche!
France Union of Democrats and Independents
France National Rally
France Democratic Movement
France La France Insoumise
France French Communist Party
Germany Christian Democratic Union of Germany
Germany Christian Social Union in Bavaria
Germany Social Democratic Party of Germany
Germany Alternative for Germany
Germany Free Democratic Party
Germany The Left
Germany Alliance ’90/The Greens
Greece Coalition of the Radical Left – Unitary Social Front
Greece New Democracy  
Greece Golden Dawn
Greece Panhellenic Socialist Movement
Greece Communist Party of Greece
Greece Union of Centrists
Hungary Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Alliance
Hungary Hungarian Socialist Party
Hungary Movement for a Better Hungary
Hungary Christian Democratic People’s Party
Hungary Democratic Coalition
Ireland Fine Gael
Ireland Fianna Fáil
Ireland Sinn Féin
Italy Democratic Party
Italy Forza Italia
Italy Lega Nord
Italy Brothers of Italy
Italy Free and Equal
Italy Five Star Movement
Latvia Social Democratic Party “Harmony”
Latvia Who owns the state?
Latvia New Conservative Party
Latvia Development/For!
Latvia Unity
Latvia Union of Greens and Farmers
Latvia National Alliance “All For Latvia!” – “For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK”
Lithuania Social Democratic Party of Lithuania
Lithuania Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats
Lithuania Social Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania
Lithuania Order and Justice
Lithuania Liberal Movement
Lithuania Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union
Luxembourg Christian Social People’s Party
Luxembourg Democratic Party
Luxembourg Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party
Luxembourg The Greens
Malta Labour Party
Malta Nationalist Party
Netherlands People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy
Netherlands Labour Party
Netherlands Party for Freedom
Netherlands Socialist Party
Netherlands Christian Democratic Appeal
Netherlands Democrats 66
Netherlands GreenLeft
Poland Law and Justice
Poland Civic Platform
Poland Modern
Poland Polish People’s Party
Poland Agreement
Poland Kukiz’15
Portugal CDS – People’s Party
Portugal Social Democratic Party
Portugal Socialist Party
Portugal Left Bloc
Portugal Portuguese Communist Party
Romania Social Democratic Party
Romania National Liberty Party
Romania Save Romania Union
Romania Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania
Romania Alliance of Liberals and Democrats
Romania People’s Movement Party
Slovakia Direction – Social Democracy
Slovakia Freedom and Solidarity
Slovakia Most–Híd
Slovakia Ordinary People and Independent Personalities
Slovakia Slovak National Party
Slovakia We Are Family
Slovakia Kotleba – People’s Party Our Slovakia
Slovenia Modern Centre Party
Slovenia New Slovenia – Christian Democrats
Slovenia Social Democrats
Slovenia The Left
Slovenia Slovenian Democratic Party
Slovenia List of Marjan Šarec
Spain People’s Party
Spain Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party
Spain Podemos
Spain En Comú Podem
Spain Citizens
Spain Catalan European Democratic Party
Spain En Marea
Spain Republican Left of Catalonia
Sweden Swedish Social Democratic Party
Sweden Moderate Party
Sweden Sweden Democrats
Sweden Green Party
Sweden Centre Party
Sweden Left Party
Sweden Liberals
Sweden Christian Democrats
United Kingdom Conservative Party
United Kingdom Labour Party
United Kingdom Scottish National Party
United Kingdom Liberal Democrats
United Kingdom Democratic Unionist Party