European Jewish Association

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Affiliated Organizations

  • The Tallin Synagogue

    The Jewish Religious community of Estonia

    Our Synagogue symbolises the living miracle of the Jewish people. Despite the hard times that the Jewish community in Estonia had to face, we are still living. During World War …
  • RGM

    Rigas Geto Muzejs

    The Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum is an independent project led by a non-governmental organization, which exists only because of donations. It was founded in 2010. The main aim of …
  • EITC

    European International Tolerance Center

    The European International Tolerance Center is an NGO. Main goals of the EITC are fundamental scientific research and educational activities related to the history of the Holocaust and contemporary issues …
  • EJSN

    European Jewish Study Network

    The European Jewish Study Network offers a meaningful introduction to Jewish learning and a memorable journey through Jewish life to individuals and communities in Europe. Through immersive study experiences and world-class events, …
  • EJL

    European Jewish Library

    Researches, Historians, and merely curious access the rich contribution of Jewish Literature in this landmark lending library founded in 2004 and filled with books and volumes related to Jews and …
  • EJDF

    European Jewish Development Fund

    The European Jewish Development Fund is a source of centralized funding to projects that promote Jewish pride, ensure continuity of tradition, offer aid to the destitute and provide a unified voice to combat anti-Semitism, advocate for Israel and champion moral values …