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Affiliated Organizations

  • The Warsaw Ghetto Museum

    The Warsaw Ghetto Museum

    The Warsaw Ghetto Museum – established by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2018 – will present events and people forced to live in the Warsaw ghetto in …
  • The Jewish Community of Bratislava

    The Jewish Community of Bratislava

    The largest Jewish Community of Slovakia. Bratislava was in the past one of the most important centers of Jewish Life in Europe and has a very rich Jewish Heritage and …
  • EJCC

    European Jewish Community Center

    The European Jewish Community Centre hosts events and provides multi-lingual services and resources to officials and civil servants of the European Institutions. Our programs are designed to strengthen Jewish identity …
  • ECJS

    European Center for Jewish Students

    European Center for Jewish Students (ECJS) is drastically changing the landscape of Jewish young adults across Europe. Based in Brussels, ECJS is a non‐profit, apolitical organization which caters to the …
  • RCE

    Rabbinical Centre of Europe

    The Rabbinical Centre of Europe (RCE) was established in the year 2000 (5760) at the request of communal Rabbis throughout Europe and according to instructions of most prominent Rabbis. RCE …
  • Chana

    European Jewish Forum for Women

    The European Forum for Jewish women offers in – depth online courses and holds an annual weekend seminar for women leaders in Europe. CHANA distributes Shabbat candle kits and information …
  • The TSKŻ

    The TSKŻ -The Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland

    The TSKŻ (The Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland) is the most important organization representing the interests of the Jewish community of Poland with 16 branches and nearly …
  • Morasha

    European Jewish Youth Association

    Morasha develops school programs and publications, operates a network of Sunday schools and offers Bar Mitzvah preparations and holyday programs for children and families.
  • KJO

    Kosovo Jewish Organization

    The Kosovo Jewish Organization (KJO) was established in 2019 and its objectives were set as follows: Promotion of culture and history of Jewish people and Kosovars; Advocacy for their human …
  • N.I.H.S Brabant

    The Dutch NIHS Brabant Community from Eindhoven

  • FJO

    The FORUM der Joodse Organisaties

  • Nederlands Israëlitische Gemeente De Achterhoek.

    Nederlands Israëlitische Gemeente De Achterhoek.

  • Jewish community of Den Haag, The Netherlands

    Jewish community of Den Haag, Netherlands

    Our community was officially established in 5460 (1700) as an Ashkenazi Jewish community. Currently we have a mix of  Ashkenazi and sephardic members. The community is very diverse in nationality’s  and age …

    Jewish community MAAYAN CHAI of Brussels

  • Jewish Community of Madrid

    Jewish Community of Madrid, Spain

    The Jewish Community of Madrid is the main Jewish institution of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. Its mission is to facilitate and promote the positive and dynamic development of Jewish …
  • FJCU

    Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine

    The Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine, which is part of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS -established by the Conference of Jewish Religious Communities and Organizations of Ukraine. Since its inception, the Federation has launched work on the development of …
  • ipor

    Inter Provincial Chief Rabbinate for The Netherlands

    The Interprovincial Supreme Ribbon of the Netherlands, abbreviated IPOR, is the Supreme Organization who is responsible for Jewish affairs in all municipalities throughout the Netherlands, outside of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and …
  • EFRJ

    European Forum of Russian Jewry

    The European Forum of Russian Jewry is the brainchild of Professor Nico Gunzburg . Born in Riga on 2 September 1882, he died at the age of 101 in Antwerpen, Belgium on …
  • Action and Protection

    Action and Protection

    Action and Protection – TETT ES VEDELEM ALAPITVANY intends to provide new alternatives for feeble legal actions against deteriorating common parlance, exclusion and lack of knowledge that is tge breeding …
  • Jewish Community of Cyprus (JCC)

    Jewish Community of Cyprus (JCC)/ Chabad

    In 2003 Rabbi Arie Zeev and Shaindel Raskin together with their four children (Menachem Mendel, Shneor Zalman, Chaya Batya Yente and Libah) relocated to Cyprus in an effort to introduce Jewish life …

    Sephardic Jewish Community Centre BET HALEVI, Vienna, Austria

    The Bet Halevi Association covers more than 100 projects every year with a wide range of Jewish, cultural and educational activities in Vienna. All projects are covered only by revenue and …
  • Jewish Community of Hungary

    Jewish Community of Hungary

    The Chabad Lubavitch Movement, which provides community building assistance to many thousands of communities worldwide, started operations in Hungary in 1989. As a delegate of the late Lubavitch  Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneershon, …
  • EK

    European Kosher

    International food manufacturers depend on an extensive list of products and informational seminars certified kosher by this organization. In this way, we facilitate kosher food for hundreds of Jewish communities …
  • The European Synagogue

    Ohel Eliezer

    The only congregation in Brussels serving English-speaking diplomats, politicians and ex-pats with services, Shabbat meals and community.
  • JEP

    Jewish European Professionals

    European Jews in their late twenties and thirties are increasingly struggling to find a suitable marriage partner, who shares similar experiences and backgrounds. JEP is designed to create opportunities for …
  • Bassad

    European Support for Jewish Publications

    The nonprofit organization, BASSAD, arranges drastically reduced costs for religious articles and synagogue essentials and provides holyday kits, books, ads and magazines in 8 languages.