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Affiliated Organizations

  • The TSKŻ

    The TSKŻ -The Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland

    The TSKŻ (The Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland) is the most important organization representing the interests of the Jewish community of Poland with 16 branches and nearly …
  • Nederlands Israelitische Gemeente Twente

    The Jewish Community of the NIG Twente

  • Jewish community of Den Haag, The Netherlands

    Jewish community of Den Haag, Netherlands

    Our community was officially established in 5460 (1700) as an Ashkenazi Jewish community. Currently we have a mix of  Ashkenazi and sephardic members. The community is very diverse in nationality’s  and age …
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Past Events

  • The Changing Middle East: An In-Depth Briefing by U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro

    In no time in recent memory has the Middle East regionseen such transformative strategic and diplomatic news. It was our …


  • Bootcamp- Rome 2020

    We were delighted with our partners at the ECJS to welcome Young Pro-Jewish and Pro-Israel activists in Rome this week …


  • Inside the White House: Seeking Peace Between Israel,Its Arab Neighbors and the Palestinians

    It is fair to say that the American peace plan has caused a stir in diplomatic circles with a lot …


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