European Jewish Association

Holocaust Remembrance

Affiliated Organizations

  • The Warsaw Ghetto Museum

    The Warsaw Ghetto Museum

    The Warsaw Ghetto Museum – established by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2018 – will present events and people forced to live in the Warsaw ghetto in …
  • The TSKŻ

    The TSKŻ -The Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland

    The TSKŻ (The Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland) is the most important organization representing the interests of the Jewish community of Poland with 16 branches and nearly …
  • KJO

    Kosovo Jewish Organization

    The Kosovo Jewish Organization (KJO) was established in 2019 and its objectives were set as follows: Promotion of culture and history of Jewish people and Kosovars; Advocacy for their human …


    SHAMIR Association is a non-profit organization whose aim is to preserve Jewish culture, history and remembrance about the Holocaust. Its activities include the creation and maintenance of the Riga Ghetto and …
  • RGM

    Rigas Geto Muzejs

    The Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum is an independent project led by a non-governmental organization, which exists only because of donations. It was founded in 2010. The main aim of …
  • EITC

    European International Tolerance Center

    The European International Tolerance Center is an NGO. Main goals of the EITC are fundamental scientific research and educational activities related to the history of the Holocaust and contemporary issues …
  • ipor

    Inter Provincial Chief Rabbinate for The Netherlands

    The Interprovincial Supreme Ribbon of the Netherlands, abbreviated IPOR, is the Supreme Organization who is responsible for Jewish affairs in all municipalities throughout the Netherlands, outside of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and …
  • Action and Protection

    Action and Protection

    Action and Protection – TETT ES VEDELEM ALAPITVANY intends to provide new alternatives for feeble legal actions against deteriorating common parlance, exclusion and lack of knowledge that is tge breeding …