European Jewish Association

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Affiliated Organizations

  • The Jewish Community of Bratislava

    The Jewish Community of Bratislava

    The largest Jewish Community of Slovakia. Bratislava was in the past one of the most important centers of Jewish Life in Europe and has a very rich Jewish Heritage and …
  • ECJS

    European Center for Jewish Students

    European Center for Jewish Students (ECJS) is drastically changing the landscape of Jewish young adults across Europe. Based in Brussels, ECJS is a non‐profit, apolitical organization which caters to the …
  • Morasha

    European Jewish Youth Association

    Morasha develops school programs and publications, operates a network of Sunday schools and offers Bar Mitzvah preparations and holyday programs for children and families.
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Past Events

  • Bootcamp- Rome 2020

    We were delighted with our partners at the ECJS to welcome Young Pro-Jewish and Pro-Israel activists in Rome this week …


  • ECJS Purim on the Rocks 2020

    For 2020, the Purim event that was c-hosted by the EJA and the ECJS began with a tour of historic …


  • 130 European Youths Celebrate their Bar-Mitzva

    Boys from Germany, Spain, Ukraine and Russia celebrated their Bar Mitzvah and received Tefillin during an emotional ceremony on Thursday …


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