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  • The Jewish Community of Bratislava

    The Jewish Community of Bratislava

    The largest Jewish Community of Slovakia. Bratislava was in the past one of the most important centers of Jewish Life in Europe and has a very rich Jewish Heritage and …
  • EJCC

    European Jewish Community Center

    The European Jewish Community Centre hosts events and provides multi-lingual services and resources to officials and civil servants of the European Institutions. Our programs are designed to strengthen Jewish identity …
  • EUJB

    EU Jewish Buildings

    In the heart of the European Union, two EUJB buildings, provide complete business services to organizations operating at the EU. Offices, reception and conference space are used by plethora of …
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Past Events

  • Jewish New Year Celebration- 5781

    Dozens of Jewish communities and organizations from across the continent, along with Senior Members of the European Commision and parliament, …


  • Bootcamp- Rome 2020

    We were delighted with our partners at the ECJS to welcome Young Pro-Jewish and Pro-Israel activists in Rome this week …


  • Yizkor Virtual Memorial

    “The Jews of Europe have had to deal daily with the Fallout of the virus but also with anti-Semitic plots …


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