European Jewish Association

Affiliated Organizations

You can stand under our Umbrella!

The European Jewish Association is an umbrella organisation, not just for the hundreds of Associations and thousands of Jews that we represent, but for the various activities and groups that make us a community.

From the European Jewish Community Centre that offers a Jewish home, services and educational programs for Jewish Expats and the international Jewish community based in Brussels, to the European Centre for Jewish students that promotes a network and a fun place for young Jews to mingle, party and socialize, to Morasha that helps disadvantaged children from mainly Eastern Europe with an unforgettable Bar and Bat Mitzvah experience in Israel, to the European Jewish Press, a one stop hub for the media and public alike to read opinion and digests of what is affecting Jewish communities across the Continent, the EJA is proud to support this vital work.

You can find out more about our partner organizations here: