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Meeting with Mr. Abdallah Chatila

It’s not every day you get to meet a bona fide hero. Following our big campaign against the auctioning of Nazi memorabilia, our Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin and our Director of Public Affairs Alex Benjamin travelled to Geneva to meet with Mr Abdallah Chatila.

Mr Chatila decided to buy 600,000Euro worth of this memorabilia when he heard our aggravation at the sale, with the express purpose of taking it out of the marketplace, and entrusting it to the Jewish Community.

We met with Mr Chatila not only to thank him personally and present him with a gift (we planted 18 trees in Israel for him – 18 being the numerical value of Chai the Hebrew word for life), but to explore future areas for co-operation.

Mr Chatila will be joining an EJA trip to Auschwitz in January, along with a 100 parliamentarians, where he will join us in our call for an end to the macabre and disgusting sale in Nazi trinkets, and we will present him with an award for his action.

A humble man, Mr Chatila told us he had no interest in the pieces per-se, but bought them and gave them away to send a message: Hitler and the Nazis are the personification of death, and such items do not belong amongst the population at large.

He said he didn’t want to be remembered as the man who bought the hat, but for the message behind his action. We reassured Mr Chatila that his action is what will be remembered, that it serves as a selfless example to humanity, and that we will work together to ensure that no other like-minded person is forced to do the same – because governments will simply ban such sales.

We thank Mr Chatila again and look forward to fruitful co-operation in making this campaign a reality in the months ahead.

When Rabbi Margolin met Mr Chatila

When Rabbi Margolin met Mr Chatila: great conversation and plans for the future. Stay tuned!November 2019. An Auction house in Germany is selling the personal items of Nazi Leaders including Hitler. The European Jewish Association was outraged. The items could fall into the hands of neo-nazi fanatics or worse. The auction house refused to stop the sale despite the public and media outcry. But Abdallah Chatila, a Lebanese Christian businessman heard our call and bought much of the collection and gave it to the Jewish community. He too didn’t want it falling into the wrong hands. A few days after the sale we went to Geneva to thank him personally

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