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If you have an issue that we can help you with, you need support, or you want to break a story affecting you and your community, whether discriminatory or anti-Semitic we can and will help you. Use this section to get in touch with us.

Hi EJA, in recent weeks I have been the target of repeated Anti-semitic comments during my classes from my home university (Uppsala) . The situation escalated when I spoke up for Israel with the Temple Mount crisis and some of my colleagues started to shout “you should stop defending the actions of a criminal state”, “all Jews are complicit to the crimes committed against the Palestinians” what would be the best way for me to handle this issue?

A couple of days ago, I have noticed on some products in my department store BDS stickers calling for the boycott of Israeli products. I believe this is very harmful to our Jewish community and instigating to further hate speech. Is there anything you could do about it?

We have just moved to Bucharest and we are struggling to find Jewish Sunday school for our son. Can you recommend any?

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