European Jewish Association

Tour of Events and Briefings with Former Israeli Minister of Education and Former Member of Israeli Knesset

, Europe

15/11/19 0:00 - 18/11/19 0:00

EJA is delighted to announce that we will host both Shay Piron, Former Israeli Minister of Education and Uzi Dayan, former Member of Israeli Knesset and Deputy Chief of Staff of IDF for a tour in Europe that will include various events and briefings with the Media, European leaders and the Jewish communities in Sofia, Belgrade, Amstelveen, Zagreb, the UK, The Hague, Brussels and many others.
Among the things we will be discussing:
> Education in the 21st century, The Great Human Challenge.
> What will Israel look like in 2048 and what the diaspora do to insure our shared future.
> What is unique about Judaism?
and many more.