European Jewish Association

The Professional Forum of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe

Postdam, Germany

02/07/18 0:00 - 04/07/18 0:00

The Rabbinical Centre of Europe Professional Forum took place between 02-04 of July in Postdam, Germany.

With the participation of 40 leading Rabbis from across Europe, this year the Forum was dealing with the challenges and opportunities of a Rabbi when facing  day to day community issues. Subjects such as disputes between couples, keeping you on the right track and exploring new ways for personal empowerment .

The Rabbis had the pleasure to hear some interesting speakers like: Rabbi Arye Monk, CEO of “Bait Cham“, Rabbi Shnior Ashkenazi, Rabbi of the main synagogue of Rishon LeTzion and Mr. Edi Leventman, Expert Advisor for Digital Marketing.

The Forum also had the pleasure to host a few special representative from the Steinbourg Parliament. In their meeting they were discussing the reality for Jews in Germany and asking for their cooperation and support with re-enforcing the Jewish community.