European Jewish Association

Mindful Fundraising During and Post COVID19 Crisis-Webinar by Sagi Melamed

Brussels, Belgium

15/02/21 18:00 - 15/02/21 20:00

On a mission to share the knowledge and toolkit captured in my recent book “Mindful Fundraising”, I offer a tailor-made webinar to identify, analyze and offer answers to the burning COVID19-related fundraising questions and challenges faced by leaders of NGOs around the world.

Topics covered in the webinar:

About Sagi Melamed

An internationally in-demand keynote speaker, instructor and writer on mindful fundraising, I bring over 20 years of experience in leading international fundraising operations and teams – raising tens of millions of dollars to further academic excellence in higher education, cross-cultural collaboration and dispute resolution. I have trained and instructed executives and lay leadership in the science and art of fundraising. My track record as a teacher/instructor comprises my service as an IDF special training unit commander and my experience as a teaching and research assistant at Harvard University, a negotiations instructor and the chief instructor of a karate club.

*’Sensei’ means a teacher/instructor, one who has walked the path before you

Registration details will be published soon.