Special EJA Yom Haatzmaut 2020 zoom conference with Israeli minister Tzachi Hanegbi


Start Time: 04/29/2020 2:00:00 PM
End Time: 04/29/2020 2:00:00 PM

It was our pleasure today to host a special Yom-Haatzmaut-Zoom conference with Israeli Government Minister TZACHI HANEGBI. Jewish community leaders from all across Europe took part, shared their thoughts and raised some questions to the minister on the issue of Israel and it's relations to the diaspora Jews.
we would like to thank:

Alex Luzon, B'nei B'rith Rome

Andrew Hilkowitz, Child Survivors Association, Germany

Barbara Pontecorvo, Osservatorio Solomon, Antidescrimination legal network (Italy's Lawfare) 

Betty Luzon, Israel Embassy Rome - permanent Civil employee

Daniele Toscano, publicist and journalist, Rome

David Seldner, a leader of Karlsruhe, Germany community

Diana Sandler, head of Barnim, Germany Community

Elio Adler, Werteinitiative eV (Values Initiative Association) leading advocate in Germany fighting for a Jewish future

Irina Katz, head of Freiburg, Germany community 

Johanna Arbit Perugia, executive of Karen Hayesod (worldwide) and its former head

Jonathan Marcus, Limmud Germany, Jewish learning festival

Lala Süskind, former Head Berlin community 

Lea Floh, Head Mönchengladbach community 

Maya Zehden, German-Israel Association executive

Nathan Gelbert, former head Germany Karen Hayesod 

Riccardo Pacifici, former head Rome community 

Sacha Stawski, Pro Israel activist, Israel Congress founder, Honestly Concerned media monitoring

Sigmount Königsberg (might join late) Berlin Jewish community Antisemitism Commissioner

Simone Santoro, head Italian union of jewish students and young professionals

Volker Beck, former MP in Bundestag, leading pro Israel voice of Green Party

Walker Megnaghi, former head Milan Italy community 

Vittorio Mosseri, head of Livorno Jewish Community 

Fernando Rosentberg, chair J community of Barcelona

Esther Bendahan of the J community of Madrid

Hanna Luden of CIDI in The Netherlands

Michel Gurfinkiel of center for European judaism (CEJ)

Andy Ergas, member of the Board of the Jewish community of Madrid

Charlotte Knobloch, President Jewish Community Munich Central Council of Jews member
Former head of Central Council

Richard Volkmann, Speaker Munich Jewish community

Sylvie Bensaid of the French Jewish weekly magazine Tribune Juive

Alexander Driessen - SWU Netherlands

Elad Zigler - Director SWU Netherlands
Aye Kari - Netherlands

Giulia Ora - Italy

Dr. Jacek Nowak

Andy Ergas from Madrid

David Hatchwell,

Régine Suchowolski – Sluszny, President of FJO

Tomas Stern, head of Bratislava Jewish Community

Ruth Dureghello, President, Jewish Community of Rome

If you missed our conference you can watch it at the following link:

a note about our next zoom conference will be published on our Facebook page