Régine Suchowolski Sluszny. EJA Jewish Leaders’ Board Vice-Chairwoman for Holocaust Remembrance and President of Forum of Jewish Organisations, Belgium

Chairwoman of the ‘Forum der Joodse Organisaties’ , Antwerp, Belgium

Born in Antwerp (Belgium), September 25, 1939 into an Jewish (Orthodox) family. Hidden Child (from 1942 to 1945) at Charel and Anna Jacobs-Van Dijck’s home in Hemiksem, I survived the Holocaust. After the war, I returned to live with my parents while
retaining close ties with my adoptive family throughout my whole life. In 1960 I married Georges Suchowolski, also a hidden child (during the war) and we had 2 children, Roland and Sabine. After my professional career, when I retired in the 1990s, I started to be fully involved in “Memory” work (WWII/Shoah).

Fonctions publiques
– Chairwoman of the ‘Forum der Joodse Organisaties’ (https://fjo.be)

° Fighting anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia in Belgium in all its forms ° Lobby-work towards Belgian ministries to promote the Jewish position on a Belgian national level
° Promotion of solidarity with the State of Israel

° Conferences at the Belgian Parliament and the European Parliament – Vice-President of the “Hidden Child” (‘l’Enfant Caché’)

° Participation in the creation of the Association in October 1991
° Active on the official recognition of the status of the Hidden Child
as moral status as a victim of war (in 1999)
° Active for the compensation claim for Holocaust victims from both Germany and Belgium
° At the initiative of the Flemish adaptation of the “1954 Law” to its’ French (Wallony) peer version, concerning the final settlement of governmental (pension) budgets

Additional Leadership
Borris Oks
Advisory Board Member
Secretary of the Rabbinic Council, Rabbinical Centre of Europe
Mr. Sebastian Kurz. f. Chancellor of Austria