Régine Suchowolski – Sluszny

Chairwoman of the ‘Forum der Joodse Organisaties’ , Antwerp, Belgium

Born in Antwerp (Belgium), September 25, 1939 into an Jewish (Orthodox) family. Hidden Child (from 1942 to 1945) at Charel and Anna Jacobs-Van Dijck’s home in Hemiksem, I survived the Holocaust. After the war, I returned to live with my parents while
retaining close ties with my adoptive family throughout my whole life. In 1960 I married Georges Suchowolski, also a hidden child (during the war) and we had 2 children, Roland and Sabine. After my professional career, when I retired in the 1990s, I started to be fully involved in “Memory” work (WWII/Shoah).

Fonctions publiques
– Chairwoman of the ‘Forum der Joodse Organisaties’ (https://fjo.be)

° Fighting anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia in Belgium in all its forms ° Lobby-work towards Belgian ministries to promote the Jewish position on a Belgian national level
° Promotion of solidarity with the State of Israel

° Conferences at the Belgian Parliament and the European Parliament – Vice-President of the “Hidden Child” (‘l’Enfant Caché’)

° Participation in the creation of the Association in October 1991
° Active on the official recognition of the status of the Hidden Child
as moral status as a victim of war (in 1999)
° Active for the compensation claim for Holocaust victims from both Germany and Belgium
° At the initiative of the Flemish adaptation of the “1954 Law” to its’ French (Wallony) peer version, concerning the final settlement of governmental (pension) budgets

Additional Leadership
Vanessa Roth
Diplomatic Council - Germany
Founder and Chairman of MCA – The Monitoring & Combating Antisemitism in Romania
Member of the Board of Directors CRIF, France
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