Member of the Board of Directors CRIF, France

Pascal Markowicz is an attorney at the Paris Bar association.

Coming from a background of Law studies (Faculty of Law Paris-Assas University), and practicing as Representative of the Paris Bar association at the Civilian & Criminal Electronic Proceedings Committee (French Ministry of Justice).

Mr. Markowicz has always been a significant contributor to the betterment and protection of Jewish communities in France.

Treasurer & Member of the Executive Board of the Association of French Jewish Lawyers. Former Executive Chairman of the French Committee of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists (IAJLJ). Member of the Board of Governors of the IAJLJ (world fédération).

Mr. Markowicz is also very much involved with Israel affairs

He also works closely with the Embassy of Israel (France), the Israeli Mission to the European Institutions in Brussels, Israeli MFA and Israeli Strategic Affairs Ministry, about BDS and terrorism matters.

Vice-President of the International Relations Commission & Member of the Board of Directors (CRIF), he is also an Expert on delegitimization of Israel, anti-boycott and radical islamic terrorism litigations.

Additional Leadership
Carla Halioua
Diplomatic Council member - Belgium
EIPA France Media Adviser
Board Member Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association