Noam Gaash

Diplomatic Council member - Israel/Spain

“As a son of Jewish Agency’s educational Shlijim, since a very young age, I have absorbed the passion of Zionism and Israel. During my years living abroad, I also have realized how antisemitism is a real and widespread problem. Furthermore, as an Israeli, I found myself very often as unofficial ambassador diving into debates in almost everywhere (travels in the world, international friends, social network ect.). Currently, I’m a Global Studies student in Barcelona (Spain) and also the secretary of FEJJE (Federation of Young Jews in Spain) and I speak Hebrew, English and Spanish. I’m very excited to be part of the Diplomatic Corps firstly as it’s an unexceptional opportunity to contribute in ‘live’ to our Jewish advocacy endeavors – at the same time of gaining experience and tools. Furthermore, I believe that being a part of a wide European network of skilled and motivated people is no doubly significantly powerful and surely will develop into a flow of ideas and knowledge.”


Additional Leadership
Spokesman, Rabbinical Centre of Europe
Juan Caldes Rodriguez
Diplomatic Council member- Spain
Member of the Hellenic Parliament
New Democracy, Greece
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