European Jewish Youth Association

Morasha is an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Jewish heritage, traditions, and values. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, Morasha aims to educate, engage, and inspire individuals of all ages and backgrounds about Jewish history, culture, and religion.

Morasha may offer educational programs, including classes, seminars, and workshops, focused on topics such as Hebrew language, Torah study, Jewish history, and religious practices. These programs are designed to deepen participants’ understanding of Judaism and foster a sense of connection to their heritage.

Additionally, Morasha may organize cultural events, such as concerts, art exhibitions, and film screenings, showcasing Jewish art, music, and literature. These events provide opportunities for individuals to explore and celebrate Jewish culture in a vibrant and inclusive setting.

Furthermore, Morasha may be involved in community outreach and social justice initiatives, working to address issues affecting the Jewish community and promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding.

Overall, Morasha plays a vital role in preserving and transmitting Jewish heritage to future generations while promoting a greater appreciation and understanding of Jewish culture and values in the broader community.

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Jewish European Professionals

Jewish European Professionals

Zagreb October 2023

With war in Gaza and Europe-wide Antisemitism peak, Jews bring president Von der Leyen and other friends in Brussels to ‘shine together’ on Channukah