Juan Caldes Rodriguez

Diplomatic Council member- Spain

“My name is Juan Antonio Caldes Rodriguez and I am a 24 year old islander born in the beautiful island of Palma de Mallorca, Spain. At the young age of 14 years old I moved to a boarding school in CT, USA. I majored in Political Science and Finance from Emmanuel College, located in the city of Boston. Currently I am finishing my studies in the field of Law at the University of Edinburgh. I have had the great opportunity to live in five different countries and nine different cities. I am fluent in Spanish, English and Catalan, and I speak a little bit of Hebrew.

I am very much involved in my Jewish life as I am currently serving as the Director of the Public Affairs section of FEJJE (Federation of Young Jews in Spain). I describe myself as an unapologetic Zionist and I often participate in mainstream Spanish media to talk about Israeli politics and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I also work as an educator giving tours in the Jewish quarter of Palma and I am also a member of the Proyecto Shoa that consists of going to different schools and teaching teenagers about the sordid legacy of the Holocaust. I am thrilled to be part of the DC team. I hope that this new incredible initiative will bring us, as European Jews, even closer to each other and that we will be able to create a network of young political/social activists in working to spread more awareness about Israel and Judaism.”

Additional Leadership
Borris Oks
Advisory Board Member
Deputy Director-General, Rabbinical Centre of Europe
Carla Halioua
Diplomatic Council member - Belgium
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