European Jewish Association concerned over Romanian President “secret agreements with Jews” remark

April 27, 2018

The Chairman of the European Jewish Association Rabbi Menachem Margolin expressed his concern at remarks made by the Romanian President in which he resorted to language  such as “secret agreements with the Jews.”
President Klaus Iohannis made the remarks to the media following Romanian Prime Ministerial meetings with the Israeli government. The President it seems was expressing his discomfort over not being previously consulted on the content of the visit as well as on the decision of Jerusalem recognition, according to established protocol, where the controversial remark was made.
Rabbi Menachem Margolin, whose Brussels based organisation represents Jews across the continent warned that Heads of State should avoid using such language “heavy at it is with connotation and sinister undertone.”
In a statement from Brussels, Rabbi Margolin said,
“Regardless of established protocols and the President’s evident displeasure that they were not adhered to, I would urge restraint and caution when it comes Heads of State to using language such as this.
“In the media heat of the moment, finding the correct words is not always easy, and we are prepared to give the President the benefit of the doubt on this occasion. But using such language, loaded as it is with connotation and sinister undertone, can be seized upon by unsavoury elements in society and naturally, sets off alarm bells amongst the Jewish community.”

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New Cooperation with the Jewish Community of Bratislava

The European Jewish Association is proud and delighted to welcome another organisation to our growing roster of partners and communities.
We have just concluded and signed a memorandum of understanding with the Jewish Community of Bratislava
Bratislava was in the past one of the most important centers of Jewish Life in Europe and has a very rich Jewish Heritage and amongst them: The Chatam Sofer Memorial and two Jewish Museums
When two dynamic and active Jewish organisations get together and agree to work closely with one another, beautiful and important things flow from this. We look forward to working for the betterment of Slovakian and European Jewry together.

European Jews are breathing a sigh of relief after Corbyn lost'

Chief of European Jewish Association celebrates Corbyn’s election defeat. ‘This election wasn’t about right vs left, it was right vs wrong.’
With the results of the UK’s general election Thursday pointing to a decisive victory for the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Chairman of the Brussels-based European Jewish Association said that Jews across the continent would be breathing a collective sigh of relief at the defeat of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.
Rabbi Menachem Margolin, chief of the European Jewish Association, which represents hundreds of Jewish communities across the continent, said Jewish opposition to Corbyn was not partisan.
“I want to be clear that we are a non-partisan organisation. We have no political affiliation. Nor do we endorse or advocate for the UK Conservative Party,” said Rabbi Margolin.
“The potential election of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister for us and the vast majority of Jews was not a story of left or right, but about what is right and what is wrong.”
“The election to the highest elected office in the United Kingdom of an avowed Israel hater whose approach to eradicating antisemitism was anodyne and recalcitrant at best, would have been a devastating signal not only to British Jewry, but to Jews everywhere.”
“We fully agree with the Chief Rabbi’s assessment that he is wholly unfit for office. It appears that a majority of the British electorate are of a similar opinion.”
“This morning – as Jews across Europe wake up to the news coming out of the United Kingdom – we will be collectively breathing a sigh of relief.”
With 648 out of 650 races called for Britain’s Parliament, the Conservatives have won 363 seats, compared to just 203 for Labour, giving the Conservatives a wide majority.
Labour chairman Jeremy Corbyn announced that following his party’s defeat, he would be stepping down as party leader before the next general election.
The article was published on Arutz 7

"תועבה ללא ערך היסטורי": שעון הזהב וכוס השמפניה של היטלר עומדים למכירה פומבית

שעון הזהב וכוס השמפניה של אדולף היטלר, קולר שהיה שייך לכלב של אווה בראון, סכו”ם של בכירים נאצים – ואפילו נייר טואלט של הוורמאכט: הפריטים האלה ופריטים נאציים נוספים, יוצעו למכירה פומבית בבית מכירות אמריקני מחר (יום ו’) – ובהנהגה היהודית באירופה, מחאה וזעם.

בית המכירות “אלכסנדר” (Alexander Historical Auctions), הפועל במדינת מרילנד שבארצות הברית, יציע מגוון רחב של פרטים שהיו בבעלותו של הצורר, בת זוגו אווה בראון ובכירים במפלגה הנאצית ובוורמאכט. למעלה מ-30 מנהיגי קהילות וארגונים יהודיים אירופיים הצטרפו ליו”ר איגוד הארגונים היהודים באירופה (EJA), הרב מנחם מרגולין, בקריאה לביטול המכירה הפומבית.

במכתב בהול למנהל בית המכירות, מציינים הרב מרגולין ועשרות המנהיגים היהודים כי “המכירה של הפריטים האלה היא תועבה, ואין ערך היסטורי מהותי לחלק הארי של הפריטים המוצגים, לכן יש לפקפק במוטיבציה של הרוכשים אותם”. הם הוסיפו כי “אירופה סבלה מאוד בגלל האידיאולוגיה המעוותת והרצחנית של המפלגה הנאצית. מיליונים מתו כדי לשמר את ערכי החופש שאנו רואים כיום כמובנים מאליהם, כולל כמעט חצי מיליון אמריקנים. היבשת שלנו זרועה בקברי אחים לזיכרון ובאתרי מחנות המוות”.

צילום: Alexander Historical Auctions)

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