Rabbi Menachem Margolin

Chairman and the founder of European Jewish Association

Since graduating from Yeshiva in New York, Rabbi Margolin’s became program director at the Rabbinical centre for Europe in 2004, he quickly became general director in 2006, then four years later he became General Director of the European Jewish Association – Europe’s centre of Jewish activity.

Spearheading the direction and activities of this umbrella organisation and representing Jewish communities and organisations across Europe, Rabbi Margolin ensures that the EJA effectively lobbies European and national politicians to raise the profile of and support its initiatives to fight against anti-Semitism and intolerance and preserve religious ritual practice across EU member states.

Additional Leadership
Borris Oks
Advisory Board Member
Alex Benjamin
Vice Director for Communications
Mr. Andrew Cohen, FCA EJA Jewish Leaders' Board Vice-Chairman for UK President, Federation of Synagogues, UK