EJA Annual Conference 2018- day 2

Belgium, Brussels

Start Time: 11/06/2018 7:00:00 AM
End Time: 11/07/2018 7:00:00 AM

We started our morning in the European Parliament for sessions with MEPs, hosted by our dear friends MEP Arne Gericke and MEP Andi Cristea. discussions with the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and the fundamental rights agency, followed by a return to the conference venue for a plenary where we voted on our red lines, heard from the EU’s special co-ordinator for tackling anti-semitism, lunch then straight into speeches from visiting dignitaries, a panel of anti-Israelism as the new anti-semitism, a special panel workshop on new media and advocacy challenges and…well we finished. It was a truly inspiring couple of days. Join us next year for an even bigger and better conference! 


✓ Political parties and their leadership must sign up to the full IHRA definition of Anti-semitism.

✓ Every European Country must appoint a dedicated Special Representative to combat anti-Semitism where one already doesn’t exist

✓ All political parties pledge to exclude from government parties or politicians that espouse anti-Semitism as defined by the IHRA definition.

✓ All political parties to pass, in accordance with their respective rules of procedure, binding resolutions that reject BDS activities as fundamentally anti-Semitic.

✓ All political parties to support in writing and in party documents their support for freedom of religion and freedom of practice at Member State level and EU level.