Comunidad Judía de Girona

May 23, 2024

The Jewish Community of Girona is an active organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting Jewish heritage, culture, and religious practices in Girona, Spain. The community organises regular religious services, such as Shabbat celebrations and Jewish holidays, as well as educational programmes for all ages, including Hebrew classes and Torah studies.

In addition to religious and educational activities, the community hosts cultural events, social gatherings, and outreach programmes to foster a strong sense of belonging and identity among its members. Social support and assistance are also provided to those in need within the community.

The Jewish Community of Girona is committed to interfaith dialogue and promoting mutual understanding and respect among different communities. Through its diverse initiatives, the community aims to ensure the continuity of Jewish life and contribute positively to the cultural fabric of Girona.


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The EJA Delegation to Auschwitz 2024

The EJA is thrilled to share that our delegation to Auschwitz has officially begun. Influential speakers on the alarming surge in antisemitism, community experiences, and enhanced security measures will lead insightful discussions. This gathering is significant as we come together to address this troubling trend.

Esteemed speakers and influential stakeholders will convene to explore these crucial issues.

NeverAgainIsNow NotInMyWatch


OHEL YAAKOV is a cornerstone of Jewish life, providing essential services and fostering a vibrant community spirit with determination and purpose.

Assertively, OHEL YAAKOV offers a comprehensive array of programs and activities tailored to meet the diverse needs of its members:

  1. Religious Services: OHEL YAAKOV conducts regular prayer services, including daily minyanim, Shabbat gatherings, and holiday celebrations, offering a spiritual oasis for worshippers to connect with their faith.
  2. Educational Initiatives: The institution organizes dynamic educational programs, such as Torah classes, study groups, and lectures, empowering members to deepen their knowledge of Jewish tradition, law, and ethics.
  3. Community Engagement: OHEL YAAKOV actively engages with the community through outreach initiatives, social events, and volunteer opportunities, fostering a strong sense of belonging and unity among members.
  4. Cultural Offerings: The institution hosts enriching cultural events, including concerts, art exhibitions, and film screenings, celebrating Jewish heritage and promoting cultural exchange within the community.
  5. Supportive Environment: OHEL YAAKOV provides a supportive environment for individuals and families, offering counseling services, social welfare assistance, and pastoral care to those in need.

With unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, OHEL YAAKOV stands as a beacon of Jewish identity, resilience, and solidarity, enriching the lives of its members and contributing to the vibrancy of the wider Jewish community.


Jewish leaders slam sale of Hitler’s watch for $1.1 million

 Jewish leaders have slammed the $1.1 million sale by a Maryland auction house of a watch given to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, United Press International reported on July 30.

Alexander Historical Auctions sold the Huber watch on July 28 “as part of a collection that included a dress belonging to Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun, and other Nazi items looted from the couple’s vacation home in 1945,” said the report.

It noted that the auction house “routinely sells controversial memorabilia.”

The latest sale prompted 34 Jewish leaders to write an open letter condemning the auctioning of items “belonging to a genocidal murderer and his supporters.”

Rabbi Menachem Margolin, chair of the European Jewish Association, said in a statement: “The sale of these items is an abhorrence. There is little to no intrinsic historical value to the vast bulk of the lots on display.”

Meeting with H.E. Madam Ilga Šuplinska, Minister for Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia

Earlier last week, on 6 November 2019, the European Jewish Association and our partners from the Action and Protection Foundation /Hungary/ and Association “Shamir” /Latvia/ have come together to further promote the ongoing Europe-wide initiative on the European Curriculum and Textbook Project against Antisemitism. This time the meeting brought us to the Gem of the Baltics – Rīga, the enchanting capital of the Republic of Latvia.

At the meeting, where the EJA has been represented by Mihails Vorobeičiks-Mellers (Political Affairs Adviser), the APF by Kálmán Szalai (Secretary) and Shamir by Rabbi Menahems Barkahans (Chairman) and Jūlija Tereščenko (Project Manager), we have had a chance to meet with H.E. Madam Ilga Šuplinska, Minister for Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, and members of her staff.

The meeting took place at a beautiful Jugendstil building constructed back in 1911, which the Ministry occupies since 1938. Besides the earlier Hungarian experience, the system of education in Latvia has been discussed, particularly the various curricular and extra-curricular initiatives and programmes already implemented or currently planned by the educational authorities and other entities, such as NGOs, and which are related to different aspects of Jewish studies in the country, and thus the project’s area of topical coverage.

Differently from other meetings, this one has taken place in two languages – English and Latvian. As a result, the overall tone of the conversation became somewhat more personal, with a variety of first-hand experiences having been brought up by the EJA’s representative, taken from his own school years as well as Jewish studies back home. In turn, Rabbi Barkahan has described Shamir’s very active long-time work and accomplishments in the latter field.

In the course of the discussion, several areas of possible cooperation have been identified, including on the composition of new academic materials for school pupils. Moreover, interest in potential event collaboration both in Latvia and abroad has been indicated.

We are deeply grateful to H.E. Minister Šuplinska and the Ministry of Education and Science for the interest, time and the opportunity to hold this important discussion, not to mention for being such welcoming hosts. We very much look forward to further contacts on the present initiative and other subjects of common interest and concern.

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