Chairman of the Board Jewish Religious Community of Estonia

In his current position Mr. Oks is the Director for Development and Commercial Director of the Tallinn Non-ore Materials Plant, Estonia.

Outside of business, Mr. Oks has a rich history of public work in the Jewish community of Estonia.

Boris Oks did a great deal of work as Chairman of the Board of the Jewish Religious Community of Estonia, a position to which he was elected in 2004.

He carried out work on the return to the community of all its previously owned property on Karu Street, Luise Street and Rahumäe Street. Upon his petition, the community received financial compensation for the land plots on the Magasini Street and on the Narva Highway.

Oks developed a digital plan for the Jewish cemetery and carried out an inventory of graves. This has become the first such digital mapping carried out in Estonia.

He contributed to the transfer of the Jewish cemetery’s territory to the City of Tallinn, as a result of which the community ceased to bear the huge costs of caring for the cemetery.

Under the leadership of Boris Oks, monuments to the victims of the Holocaust and the victims of deportations were renovated at the cemetery.

He did a huge work on the construction of a new building of the Tallinn synagogue. The beginning of construction was preceded by a competition for the selection of architects for the building – a competition amongst firms that wanted to carry out the construction work. Boris Oks inspected the construction process, while all the construction stages had been carried out under his daily supervision.

Oks did a great deal of work on getting a grant for a major renovation of the Tallinn Jewish School, which was done for the first time ever since the school building’s construction. A modern sports ground was built near the school.

In 2008, the President of Estonia awarded Boris Oks for his great public work with an Order of the White Star IV class.

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