Balkan Jewish Communities

Chabad of Thessaloniki and Balkan Jewish Communites

We are dedicated to the revival of the Sephardic – Ladino heritage, and to developing infrastructure for Jewish communal life in the Balkans.

With headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece, we provide opportunities for Jews of the region to strengthen ties with their Sephardic heritage. Chabad center offers hospitality for Sephardic Jews worldwide to reconnect and discover their ancestral roots, and for historians and scholars to deepen their knowledge.

Thessaloniki, called “La Madre de Israel”, became the center of Sephardic life following the expulsion of Jews from Spain in the 15th century. Following over 400 years of flourishing culture, 95% of the population were deported to Auschwitz and were lost.

Thessaloniki is an important link in the legacy of Sephardic Jews,who have been dispersed and scattered around the globe. It is steeped in history from the time of the Holy Temple.

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