October 19, 2023

“This is not about Palestine and Israel, this is not about politics, these are attacks against Jews everywhere in Europe” states Rabbi Menachem Margolin.

(Brussels 19 October 2023) Synagogues attacked in Spain, Germany, incitement all over Europe, reported antisemitism rises over 1200%. The European Jewish Association, one of Europe’s largest Jewish associations representing hundreds of communities across the continent, delivered a stark assessment this morning: Attacks against Europe’s Jews has started

EJA Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin sounded the alarm and demanded that European governments wake up and protect all Jewish Communities across Europe. Never again (the phrase used on international holocaust memorial day) is now, he emphasised.

In a statement today, the EJA Chairman said,

“Our communities and synagogues like Melilla in Spain, and in Germany are being attacked, antisemitism hate has multiplied over 1000% times from already alarming levels, we are being insulted, assaulted verbally and in many cases physically in the street.

“I am of course writing to governments in Spain and in Germany. But Jews shouldn’t have to ask for help! My message to European governments is stark: WAKE UP!!! Never again is now!!

“Anybody who thinks this is about Israel and Palestine, or politics is living under a stone. This is merely a pretext for starting attacks on every Jew in Europe.”

“Governments across Europe mut immediately step up, protect JewIsh communities across the continent now. Right now.”

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Open Letter MEPs to HRVP Borrell on Qatar

Strasbourg, 1 4 December 2023

It is now sadly over 10 weeks since the Hamas inhumane massacre in Israel and the abduction of civilian hostages, including babies, infants, women, elderly and medically unfit people.

We, the undersigned Members of the European Parliament, urge your attention on the role of Qatar and their explicit support of Hamas. Both in providing financial assistance of billions of euros over the years but also in harbouring the leadership of Hamas, who live in luxury in Doha with 24-hour security provided by Qatar.

Despite its recent mediation efforts, Qatar could simply pressure Hamas more today to release the remaining hostages and be part of the solution, instead of part of the inhumane problem of terrorism.

As High Representative for the Union on Foreign Affairs, the Qatari government must be reminded that their support for Hamas and terrorism, will affect its future relations with the European Union. We must make clear to Qatar and every other entity in the region that human rights come first, before any business dealings.

Both the Statement of the Members of the European Council of 15 October 20231 and the European Parliament Resolution P9_TA(2023)0373, adopted on 19 October 20232, call for Hamas to “immediately release all hostages” and note “that the taking

of hostages is a violation of international law and constitutes a war crime.

Furthermore, the rhetoric and actions of Qatar contribute towards the incitement and violence that Jewish people are experiencing here in Europe. Following the terror attack of 7 October, antisemitic attacks and hate speech have multiplied by over 1000%. Jewish communities live under fear and are being assaulted, in many instances, by supporters of Hamas on the continent.

The scale and brutality of the attacks, which are some of the worse since the Holocaust, must be a turning point. We no longer can accept that it will be ‘business as usual’.

We call upon you to ensure that Qatar and all key partners put the utmost pressure possible for the safe release of all the hostages as a priority.

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to your update regarding this issue.

Yours sincerely,

EIPA organized an extraordinary briefing about the current developments following Israel's Shield and Arrow operation

Iran vs. Israel. Assessing the global implications

Our EIPA colleagues had a successful emergency special briefing on the following topic: Iran vs. Israel. Assessing the global implications. 

The escalating hostilities between Iran and Israel are sending shockwaves across the globe, as Arab countries join forces to intercept Iranian UAVs and cruise missiles. This unprecedented collaboration represents a seismic shift in regional power dynamics, illuminating a united front against Iran’s belligerent agenda. 

The urgency of this situation cannot be overstated, underscoring the critical necessity for advanced military capabilities and expert analysis to confront these volatile geopolitical complexities head-on. Immediate action is imperative to mitigate the looming threat posed by Iran’s aggressive posture.

Meet our esteemed experts:

  • Jonathan Spyer: A British-Israeli analyst and Director of Research at the Middle East Forum. With extensive experience in Middle Eastern affairs, he serves as the Editor of Middle East Quarterly magazine and contributes as a columnist for The Jerusalem Post.
  • Beni Sabti: An Iran Program Researcher at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and coordinator of the INSS podcast “Voices from Iran”. Born in Iran, Sabti offers unique insights, having served in the IDF and specializing in Iranian culture and media.


The European Jewish Association is a prominent and influential organisation dedicated to representing, advocating for, and fostering the interests of the Jewish community across Europe. Founded on unity, tolerance, and inclusivity principles, the EJA bridges diverse Jewish communities and European societies.

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A tough week…reflections always worth reading from Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs.

While the world at large is rightly concerned about Russia-Ukraine, a years-long effort to save Levi has failed. Levi has been imprisoned in appalling conditions in a primitive country since 2016 just because he is Jewish. After years of attempts to free him with the mediation efforts of another country, that route has failed. I was a small link in that liberation campaign, one without success I was told on Friday from the US.
A feeling of helplessness takes over me. Powerlessness and incomprehension too about Ukraine and Russia. The rabbis in Ukraine are in a very difficult situation. Some have fled and are now without a source of income, mostly in Israel, neck-deep in worries. Others have stayed, and don’t really know what to do, completely at a loss as to which way it will go.
I spoke to the chief rabbi of Dnieper on the phone. He can’t leave, he told me, because the older members of the congregation can’t leave either. There isn’t a single hair on his head that contemplates leaving his community, of abandoning his (sinking?) ship, as long as the majority of his crew members and passengers cannot or do not want to take that escape route.
More and more I think about my parents and their generation and the decisions they had to make to survive. My parents made the right decisions and that is why I exist and the second generation exists. But the great majority of then made the wrong decision and literally and figuratively had no way out. At the time, many thought that everything would not go so smoothly and that the Netherlands, like in World War I, would be able to escape the macabre dance again
And since I already started this new week from a low point, I can add something to it. Some of the Ukrainian rabbis or teachers have fled and are now elsewhere in Europe. They thought they could dedicate themselves to the Jewish Ukrainians who also fled to become their rabbi again, as it were, but outside of Ukraine. But it’s not all that simple. The interest in maintaining Jewish contacts is very low for the vast majority of people. For most, Judaism was a ticket to get away and seek shelter. But now that they’re gone and the first shelter is over…
Whether it is war or not, man remains human in times of war and also in his selfish behaviour. Some of the rabbis I know from Ukraine really couldn’t go back and are now in Israel, caring for their Ukrainians in the Holy Land. And I can again be a small link to financially support those rabbis and therefore be a part of their commitment, as it were. The rabbis who really can’t go back because their congregations have been totally destroyed are also supported. The stragglers too. But that in-between group? To return or not to return? And what about wife and children? That intermediate group is having a hard time, because they are either viewed as heroes or/and as traitors.
By the way, amidst the gloom, I also received a nice message. A Jewish-Dutch family that has been trying to settle in Israel for more than a year has finally managed to go through the long bureaucratic road of forms and signatures and can now finally make Aliyah. And another positive message is my appointment as a jury member. You see: no complaints about rabbinical variety. You may remember the discussion about the German war cemetery in Ysselsteyn. The result, after many discussions and meetings, was that a
monument was erected in memory of the 102,000 Jews, Roma and others who were not allowed a grave, unlike the murderers. Six artists can give a presentation of ‘their’ artwork and I will be one of the jury members. And so, I will be in Ysselsteyn on November 22. You will read about it here first!

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