Alan Mekibel

Diplomatic Council member - Russia/Spain

“In regards to my activism activities. I was born in Israel and grew up in Moscow, Russia. After that I went to Syracuse University and then ended up in Madrid where I studied at IE business school and am now still living and working in Madrid. I have always been outspoken towards Israel. In the US I was part of StandWithUs Syracuse Chapter where we hosted certain educational events. Except that I have never been involved in any formal activism except my own. I always have dialogues with people and try to educate them about Israel and the reality on the ground compared to what is in the media. For a few months during the Pandemic, I also had been using apps to join many different Israel conversations whilst trying to have a dialogue and support Israel while once again educating and clearing up any misconceptions towards Israel. I would love to learn from this group and get some “formal” training and continue supporting Israel in whatever ways I can. As well it will allow me to better understand the situation in Europe and around the world. Lastly, I  wish to know how to best react to the things that go on in regards to Israel.”


Additional Leadership
EIPA Eastern Europe Media Adviser
Spokesman, Rabbinical Centre of Europe
Member of the European Parliament European People’s Party, Sweden
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