Second Portion of Annual Conference in Amsterdam

June 3, 2024

We’re delighted to conclude the second portion of our annual conference in Amsterdam.

Throughout this phase, our discussions revolved around key themes, each featuring distinguished panels and notable speakers.
Firstly, our focus was on self-defence strategies, with insights shared by Prof. Gerald Steinberg, President and Founder of NGO Monitor; Alana Ebin, Director of Mosaic Teens at the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, Israel; Oliver Rak from the C TEEN Jewish Youth Movement in Hungary; Jonathan Feldmar, Campus and Education Manager at Stand With Us; Samuel Lejoyeux, President of the France Union of Jewish Students; Achira Beck, President of the Dutch Union of Jewish Students; and Prof. Bart Wallet, Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

Following this, attention turned to combating antisemitism in educational settings, with contributions from Michael Sweetney, Former NBA player (NY Knicks) and Jewish Advocate; and Dean Furman, Professional football player and Jewish advocate.

Lastly, the discussion shifted to the role of media in confronting antisemitism, featuring perspectives from Chrystian Orzeszko, Editor of The Jewish Word in Poland; Jonatan Megyeri, Editor-in-Chief of Neokohn in Hungary; Elias Levy Bennaroch, Editor-in-Chief of Enfoque-Judio in Spain; Miriam Assor, Journalist at Portuguese Jewish News in Portugal; Laetitia Enriquez, Journalist at Actualité Juive in France; Adam Levick, Co-Editor of CAMERA UK; Luca Spizzichino, Journalist at Hatikva and President of UGEI in Italy; and Blaise Vanderlinden, Journalist at Radio Judaica in Belgium.


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