David Fiorentini

“As a young Jew, coming from a very small Jewish Community, expanding my horizons through the lens of the European Jewish Association has been astonishing. Reaching out to politicians and other European leaders, raising awareness about the issues facing Jewish Communities and helping my fellow Jewish brothers and sisters is something truly meaningful and inspiring. […]

Moritz Florian

“The Diplomatic Council is a space for young activists from all over Europe to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas about our work. It gives me access to exclusive insights into politics and diplomacy, for example through closed-door briefings with high-level diplomats. But what really sets the DC apart is the personal engagement and conviction of […]

Carla Halioua

“I am originally from France but I have lived in Belgium most of my life. I am a very enthusiastic person that loves to meet new people and I try my best to make this world a better place. I am currently studying Law in Belgium and I would like to study International relations following […]

Juan Caldes Rodriguez

“My name is Juan Antonio Caldes Rodriguez and I am a 24 year old islander born in the beautiful island of Palma de Mallorca, Spain. At the young age of 14 years old I moved to a boarding school in CT, USA. I majored in Political Science and Finance from Emmanuel College, located in the […]

Vanessa Roth

“I am currently studying European Studies in my third year in Maastricht. I come from a small Jewish community in Trier and although I am generally connected to my home city, I am still open to learning new things and try to get to know the world! In 2018/19 I successfully completed the Jewish Gap […]

Aynur Bashirova Herischi

“I was born in Azerbaijan. I moved to Belgium in 2005 as part of my studies. Currently, I am a PhD student at the ULB, writing my thesis on the development of Israel’s partnership with Azerbaijan since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 until 2018. My research experiences involve fellowships in several institutes, […]

Noam Gaash

“As a son of Jewish Agency’s educational Shlijim, since a very young age, I have absorbed the passion of Zionism and Israel. During my years living abroad, I also have realized how antisemitism is a real and widespread problem. Furthermore, as an Israeli, I found myself very often as unofficial ambassador diving into debates in […]

Alan Mekibel

“In regards to my activism activities. I was born in Israel and grew up in Moscow, Russia. After that I went to Syracuse University and then ended up in Madrid where I studied at IE business school and am now still living and working in Madrid. I have always been outspoken towards Israel. In the […]

Alexander Driessen

“My name is Alexander Driessen. I’m 27, born in Amsterdam and have lived there almost my whole life. Im halachicly Jewish, a Zionist and activist in StandWithUs Nederland. My field is Leisure and event management, but i’m more prone to organising in informal education and massaging (still a leisure field). I went to Israel for […]